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About us

DMS Sailing was founded by the Stamou family who have been sailing the waters of Greece for many years. This background gives us the distinct and special advantage of insight and local knowledge that most charter companies, sometimes cannot offer.

Our yachts have our personal care, are being very well maintained by our team that is at the marina 365 days per year in order to look after even the last detail and are always cleaned by our stuff that is experienced on this area.

We proud ourselves on our customer care, all of our ‘guests’ enunciate the best for the heartly welcome and great service from the moment they arrive until the end of their vacation.

How the company started:

A flashback from the founder of DMS Sailing Mr. Vasilis Stamou:

Back in 1977 my wife and I started sailing in the Greek islands and we seemed to get along well. But we used to spend the first day of our vacation cleaning the yacht and checking it as the check in process was insufficient. As a result during our holiday we used to spend time in order to search for the water faucet, how different equipment worked (if they did) etc. and imagine that back then mobile phones didn’t exist.

Few years later we started chartering yachts and founded the first company and promised to ourselves that we would provide to our fellow sailing lovers the best possible maintenance and service.  I bought the fist yacht that still is part of the fleet today and promised myself to give the charterers a best experience on board.

Our start:

The first yacht bought by the company was in 2001 and after 13 sailing seasons is still one of the top of the fleet and the most requested one. It is perfectly maintained and with new equipment that is personally chosen every year to satisfy all tastes. People love it and keep coming back for it, and it is always fully booked from the very beginning of the season. Because of the excellent touch if Dimitris that is always supported by the experience that Vasilis has on yacht maintenance after almost 20 years.